(an Italian surname which  also translates as King Midas) is a company established in electroforming that in the last two years has developed an innovative proprietary process technology for the application of overlaying gold over silver (GoS), also named as Bonded.

The unique product we offer features the combination of two precious metals common in jewelry :gold and silver.
We chose gold as the metal of choice for the outer layer of the product since there is a lower risk of allergic reactions to users, it is highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion and, obviously, because of its durability  and lasting value overtime .
The base metal, silver, is a fantastic metal and bestows the product with its spirit and soul.

When it is removed from contact with air it maintains its beauty and other appealing characteristics.

Our product is not to be confused with a cheap gold-plated work, not lasting in the time.

We are dedicated to providing the best quality and enduring products to our valuable customers and we guarantee 1/20 gold by weight in our overlaying procedures, also certified for custom formalities.

This ensures the integrity of the coating lasts for decades and retains color standards similar to that of gold. Mindful of other inferior coating techniques, our novel electroforming technology generates a product where silver is protected at every point from gold. Furthermore, the position at low temperatures cancels the diffusion of silver into gold; this process helps to avoid whitening of the gold which can happen using other techniques.
Our technology allows us to develop products that are otherwise impossible to obtain.
The procedures is performed separately on each component prior to assembling, ensuring that the percentage of gold is not only on the whole piece, but also in each individual component.

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